Gerald Prezeau / DP


Film production is a great passion of mine that has been with me since childhood.

Frame Of Mind Production was established in 1999.  With the help of my many clients we've been able to produce great moving images that have been broadcasted and viewed world wide.

We take our clients needs very seriously and understand the sensitivity of each project.

Frame Of Mind Productions is a NY based Segnatory company, so if you're  planing to shoot on a union set we can fill your crew needs with some of the most talented professionals there is to offer.

We also have non-union crews available that are the best in their field and who have your best interest at heart, who believe that collaboration is the key to any great project.

As for your equipment needs, Frame of mind Productions has the most up to date film and video broadcast gear ready at it's disposal.

We at Frame Of Mind Productions understand that a clients project is their baby and we promise to help do our best in the development of it.

welcome, Clients!

nyc film and video production company.

Frame Of Mind Productions  Since 1999

my experience as a DP  ‚Äčover 25 years

In order to see a shot, you need to have  a vision of what it can be, not what is there at the moment

- Gerald Prezeau DP